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Re: arp invalid randomly with RAX200


arp invalid randomly with RAX200

Hi everyone,


I have a RAX 200 with the latest firmware However the below issue existed in previous firmwares too.


Bascially randomly, machines in LAN can't talk to each other and sometimes they fix themseleves after couple of hours or after they are restarted.


When it happens, the arp record of the target machine shows up as invalid(see below, with or without the MAC addresses) on Windows 10. I couldn't get this on iPhone. But the issues happened with iPhone, Windows 10 and RasberryPi.


Internet Address Physical Address Type xxxx dynamic 00-00-00-00-00-00 invalid xxxx dynamic xxxx dynamic xxxx dynamic 00-00-00-00-00-00 invalid 00-00-00-00-00-00 invalid xxxx dynamic xxxx  dynamic xxxxxx invalid

I am not sure what issue this is. Only started to have this issue after using RAX200. Any settings I need to do in the router?



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Re: arp invalid randomly with RAX200

Reset de router and did all setup manually again. Now ARP issue seems to be gone.

But, Lan port 1 doesn't assign IP anymore... Had to change to Lan port 2...

Unbelievable.. those issues. Never spent so much time on figuring out router issues. Again I say, never buy Netgear again. Rubbish.
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Re: arp invalid randomly with RAX200

What CAT# lan cable are you using between the router and wired PC? CAT6 is recommended. 

Does any wired device work on LAN port #1? 


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