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ax12 rax120 lag spikes


ax12 rax120 lag spikes

Ive been noticing while playing any video game i am getting lag spikes maybe 10 to 15 mins into a multiplayer game. Like pubg battlefield and it so bad that i will go into a lag mode where my guy will move but the players around me will not. My xbox is wired i just bought a modem from Netgear the CM1200 which is all set up. I noticed this issue even before buying the new modem which makes me think it is related to my router. When doing a speed test using my xbox network diagnosis Im getting 450.00 download and 25.00 upload with a 40 ping. Only when in a multiplayer game is when im having this issue.. After it first happened i went into my router and made it the DMZ host to my consoles ip address after i made a reservation for my console. Also performed port forwarding for my Xbox that Xbox recommends. After doing all of that still i am having the same issue. My wife plays via WiFi and her console is having the issue also. We will also get kick from the party and it will say things like check your network after it does so. I really like this router but i can not stand this issue.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: ax12 rax120 lag spikes


With your newly purchased modem, may you factory reset the RAX120 and go through the setup instructions again. Let us know how this turns out. 



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Re: ax12 rax120 lag spikes

I have the same issues and I have even gone as far as getting my modem replaced with Supporrt.  Still there, have to reboot my router daily to make it "better" still doesn't fix it 100%.

Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: ax12 rax120 lag spikes

@thegreatfoo I'd start your own thread. Each person has unique issues such as modem, incoming line, isp, devices used. we can help troubleshoot but its best to do it on your own thread for the best help. 

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