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Orbi app

Can't find orbi app when I search it
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Re: Orbi app

Visit the support pages:

Support | NETGEAR

Feed in your model number and check the documentation for your hardware.

That page will also have any software, firmware and drivers for your device, if they exist. There is usually a link there to the various apps for your unnamed product.

Look for the model number on the label on the device.

Or visit the apps pages for your unnamed Apple or Android  device mobile.

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Re: Orbi app

@Orbi64 wrote:
Can't find orbi app when I search it

"Search it" could have different meanings:

  • Not able to find the Orbi app to install it on a smartphone or tablet.
    The Orbi app is in the Apple App Store and Android Play.
    It installs the same as any  other "app".
  • Have installed the app, but cannot locate it on the smartphone or tablet to run it.
    This can be quite frustrating as new apps are often placed in strange places and can be difficult to locate.
    Android, for example, does not automatically place new apps on the Home Screen and each brand of Android has a different way to display all apps.  Some put them in alphabetical order and some put the newest apps at the end.
  • Can open the app, but the app is not able to find the Orbi router.

Perhaps more explanation of the situation would help.

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