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Re: Unable to modify/change email or phone number for 2FA in Orbi app


Unable to modify/change email or phone number for 2FA in Orbi app

I have been trying to login to my Orbi app but is says it doesn't recognize my device. Tries to send a code, which never arrives. My alterante method of verification is an email I no longer use. Some have mentioned it can be change in the Mynetgear account under Profiel settings. Not so (althogh I clearly don't know why - if the account is linked then changes should be able to be made there). I also have seen that people wiht similar issue have had to PM a Moderator to get a connection into Netgear Support. That's pretty lame and not very efficient from a users perspective. So, looking to get my alternate email changed and find out why my SMS codes never arrive. Anyone have a solution that actually works? I have several netgear products registered under my account so really don't wnat (nor should I have to)_ create a new account with a different email just to "hack" through this. I've used Netgear products for years, but this is a poor aspect of design. Users should be able to manage their own 2FA, 

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Re: Unable to modify/change email or phone number for 2FA in Orbi app

Update on this. I somehow got a Case # in my email (still not sure how that happened), so I used it to call Support and after 40 minutes talking with someone (who was difficult to understand which doesn't help) - I uploaded screeshots of the app and where the problem is with 2FA not working and unable to change verification email. The repsonse? "There's a bug in the app! - you will need to wait until we fix the app and then download the update whch should have the fix in it" ETA on that - "I dont know" .... So - at least they admitted the bug - but who knows when the fix will occur. Based on other postings in the App topic, alot of others have been strugglling with this for a while, so I am not anticipating a quick turn around on this. Guess the app will reamin useless (for me anyway) for a while... This is such a fundamental aspect of account security these days, It's disconcernting they botched it in their app. Smiley Sad

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