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SRR60 and SRS60 losing connection (magenta)


SRR60 and SRS60 losing connection (magenta)

All at v2.7.1.108

I started with 2 satellites and it was generally ok.

Then the satellite furthest from the SRR60 would occasionally give magenta ring. It’s hard wired to Sky Q box and the sound goes, then the picture freezes just before the magenta ring appears.

Thinking it was a distance issue I added another SRR60 but now the same issue is back again. It tends to happen 4 or 5 times a day when one or more of the satellites gets the magenta ring and others devices lose their wifi connections.

Does this magenta ring in the satellite only indicate that it is nit connected to the SRR60 or will we get the same behaviour if the internet broadband connection is lost?


Sometimes when this happens I go to the app and it says no internet, but I don’t trust the app. For example it now says there are 3 satellites but in the network map it only shows two of them.


Daisy chaining is enabled to allow the furthest satellite to connect to the SRR60 via a nearer satellite (of which there are now two; one upstairs and one downstairs).


I’m wondering if the SRR60 may be faulty to keep losing connection to one or more satellites.

My ISP keeps saying there is nothing wrong with their broadband modem and so I also wonder if the SRR60 has an intermittent fault with the wired connection from the modem. I’ve changed cables and Ethernet ports.

My ISP won’t or can’t assist when their device is set to modem mode, so I have had to turn it back into router mode and then disable its wifi before contacting them again.


Lastly the satellite by the tv that keeps disconnecting is on the same equipment rack as a tv, sound bar and Alexa. Even when the satellite goes magenta the sound bar, tv and Alexa, as well as phones or iPads a few feet away all have wifi, so I don’t understand how the satellite can’t connect when all these devices can.


Any help gratefully received as Netgear support didn’t fully resolve issues months ago and now I’ve well passed the 90 days support for the extra satellite.

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Re: SRR60 and SRS60 losing connection (magenta)

Hi paul1315,


Welcome to our community! 🙂


It seems that you are having issues with your satellites connecting to the router. May I know if this happened on this specific firmware only? Did it happened before on the previous firmware v2.7.0.122? If not, please try to roll-back the firmware to v2.7.0.22 and please make sure that the satellites are on the same firmware with the router. 





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Re: SRR60 and SRS60 losing connection (magenta)

The problem did happen on the previous version of the firmware I had installed.

The satellites and router are all on the latest firmware version now, though the Orbi app failed to update them despite prompting for it to be done and claiming it had updated them several times. In the end I did each one manually.


I had all 3 satellites lose connection to the router for just over 30 minutes 2 nights ago and then one satellite lost connection last night and wouldn't connect again.


Does the magenta ring on the satellite only mean it has lost connection to the router?
What colour should the rings go on the router and satellites if the broadband connection is lost (which wasn't the case the last two nights).



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Re: SRR60 and SRS60 losing connection (magenta)


Similar problem here:

Even product is under warranty, no support from Netgear...


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