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Add On Satellite

I currently have an Orbital RBR350 Router with two RBS350 Satellites.


Im now looking for something to go out into the rear garden and extend the signal that little bit better.

I have looked and seen a RBS50Y (AC3000) which is an outdoor add-on satellite and it would be perfect with it being an IP66 but being in the UK I can't find this for sale anywhere.


I have then thought about adding another RBS350 add-on satellite and keep it indoors but I can't find anyone in the UK that is selling these either ?


Has the RBR350 (AX1800) been discontinued along with the RBS50Y (AC3000)


Can anyone suggest what I could use with my current set up ?




p.s Im running Firmware Version V4.4.1.29_3.10.80 

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Re: Add On Satellite

I think the RBS50Y is no longer produced. 


Can look in to this: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Orbi-WIFI-6-AX-AND-Wi-Fi-6E-AXE/Outdoor-Satellite/m-p/2129551

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Re: Add On Satellite

Netgear products can be difficult to find.  Amazon UK shows only one RBS350:



I found one on eBay UK, but is was an entire set and was in the 'bid' process, with no "Buy Now" price quoted.


If placed against an outside wall, 50% of the radio signal will broadcast outside. (In a window might be better considering how much brick is used in UK construction.)


Extending WiFi coverage involves one major consideration: Is seamless roaming a "deal breaker"?  The significant difference between Orbi "satellites" and ordinary "WiFi Extenders" (from any brand, including Netgear) is that satellites fully implement the 802.11 standards that allow devices to switch from one WiFi access point to another by themselves.  WiFi Extenders create a separate WiFi network.  Even if this network has WiFi credentials identical to the Orbi network (SSID/password), it is a separate network.  A device connected to the Orbi will gradually lose signal strength and quality as it gets farther from the Orbi, but will "hold onto" the Orbi until it finally just gives up and then begins to look around for a WiFi system that it recognizes.  "Aha.  Here's one!"  If simply walking out into the garden caused the Orbi signal to drop to the point that devices gave up on the Orbi almost instantly, then the user would probably notice nothing.  Otherwise, the user would complain, "why is the WiFi so SLOW???" The solution is to turn WiFi off and back on again (5 seconds).


Mobile devices are is why mesh systems are so popular.


On the other hand, if the goal is to provide WiFi to speakers, security cameras, etc. in the garden (devices that never move), then any old WiFi extender is a good solution.  There are even WiFi extenders designed to mount outdoors (weather resistant).

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Re: Add On Satellite

So as I'm still looking to add extra coverage to my network would this product be any good ? (image attached below)

As i say i am running a Wi-Fi 6 Mesh system RBK353 AX1800.


















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Re: Add On Satellite

My answer is, "probably".

  • This product is clearly intended to connect to the Nighthawk line of WiFi routers.
    using both the Orbi and Nightawk apps could be annoying.
  • That talk of "smart roaming" is not likely to apply to non-Nighthawk products.
  • It is an indoor product designed to plug into a wall outlet, so window mounting would be awkward.

I would definitely purchase from a vendor with a generous return policy.

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Re: Add On Satellite

I fail to see where the product is listed to be used with a NIGHTHAWK line.


Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 6.31.58 pm.png



I have looked and looked, All im trying to do is extend my wifi to down the bottom of the garden to a summer house.


Like I say I have tried on a number of times to buy the Wifi Extender RBS50Y which is the outdoor one and now discontinued and no longer made.
I have then tried to buy an add-on RBS350 Satellite AX1800 100-EUS with no joy and they are all refurbished from auction sites.


Im looking at the AX1600 plug in Mesh extender to get my wifi that little further.

Can anyone else recommend a wifi booster for distance that matches with my RBR350 set up ??

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Re: Add On Satellite

@MarcB376 wrote:

I fail to see where the product is listed to be used with a NIGHTHAWK line.

To me the tip was:


Products intended for the residential Orbi products use the Orbi 'app', not the NIghthawk app.

This is why I have reservations about how "integrated" this product will be with an Orbi system.


In terms of the generic question, "How can the WiFi coverage be extended?", any WiFi Extender (from any company) will increase coverage.  There are even products designed specifically to be mounted outdoors and powered through a PoE cable run into the building.  The key distinction is that they do not allow devices to roam seamlessly between their network and the WiFi network they are connected to.


The  RBS50Y is also in that category, because it will connect to Orbi AX systems (such as the 350) in "Extender Mode", rather than in "satellite mode".

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Re: Add On Satellite

So the plot thickens.

I spoke with Netgear today and they gave me a couple of options.


One was to buy the nighthawk mesh extender and add it to my mesh network via the web browser and not the app.

The other was two compatible satellites that they suggested will work with my setup which are RBS40V & RBS50Y 


After doing some digging on the website I did manage to find this table which says the above but also says

" *Only compatible in extender mode, which decreases performance."


Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 6.36.09 pm.png


So when I bought my kit ( second hand and "JUST" out of warranty) I had one non working RBS350 satellite which I put back in the box as all it does is flash a white LED Ring.
I pulled this out the box again to try and fire it up but it seems that its still not working as for over 2 hours and a few re-sets its still just Pulsing White which states "Your Orbi satellite is powering up or trying to connect to your Orbi router."

After doing more digging it seems that this satellite is possibly on totally different software and it can't connect to my router to be added to my mesh system.

My question is does anyone repair or fix satellites ?

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