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Can I Add Ex8000 Mesh to Orbi Ax6000


Can I Add Ex8000 Mesh to Orbi Ax6000

I have a two story 3500 sq foot home with a detached garage.

My Gateway Modem is a Comcast Xfi 6.

I would like to Plug in Orbi Ax6000 (rbk852) router to the Gateway Modem which is upstairs in the master closet.

Then plug in the netgear unmanaged 8 port switch to the Orbi Ax6000 router in my wire closet to hardline to mulitple rooms in the house so I can hardline in our arlo security cameras, xbox, appleTV, office computers, possible mesh extender in the garage, etc.  

Then I would like to place the Orbi Ax6000 satellite in the middle of the house downstairs.

1st Question: Will this setup work with the Orbi system using the switch box?

I would then like to utilize the Ex800 x6s Mesh Extender that i just bought less than 6 months ago in the detached garage.  I would like to use it as an extended WiFi for outside, but also as a switch to hardline my Roku device that connects to my outside TV.  The Ex8000 Mesh Extender would be hardlined in from the Ax6000 router (switch box). 

2nd Question: Can I add the Ex8000 x6s Mesh extender to the Orbi Ax6000?  If so, how do i configure the Ex8000 Mesh Extender to I don't interfer with the Orbi WiFi.  

3rd Question: Given the proposed network configuration above, should I hardline in the Orbi Satellite or use the 5ghz WiFi connection? I don't have a LAN line in the center of my house, but I could connect it to a room close by if that is preferred.  Thanks!

Model: EX8000|AC3000 Nighthawk X6S Tri Band WiFi Mesh Extender
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Re: Can I Add Ex8000 Mesh to Orbi Ax6000

We don't know for sure of EX model extenders can be connected to the RBK system. Users with the RBS50 satellites don't work wirelessly currently. NG has said they were going to make them wirelessly compatible with the Orbi AX system. This has not happened yet. 

You might post the questions about the EX over in the Extender forum and see if you get any information there:



You can connect the Orbi AX system to your upstream router in AP mode. https://kb.netgear.com/31218/How-do-I-configure-my-Orbi-router-to-act-as-an-access-point


The RBS can be wire connected to the RBR directly or thru a switch, however RBS can't be connected to the main host router in parallel with the RBR. RBS have to be connected to the RBR directly. Be aware that there is a problem with RBS connected to the RBR with a switch in between. Current FW v10.11 has a problem with a switch in the middle. It's causing the Status to report incorrectly on the RBRs web page for the RBSs. This is only in AP mode with a switch in between. If you wirelessly connect the RBS to the RBR, status reports correctly. If you use router mode on the RBR, then this isn't a problem with a switch in the middle or wirelessly connect the RBS. This problem has already been reported to NG.


30 feet is recommended in between RBR and RBS to begin with depending upon building materials when wirelessly connected. https://kb.netgear.com/000036466/How-far-should-I-place-my-Orbi-satellite-from-my-Orbi-router



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Re: Can I Add Ex8000 Mesh to Orbi Ax6000

Thanks Furrye38!  That is great informaiton to know!!  It seems the Ax6000 isnt perfected for my wishful solution yet.

I have to use the Comcast Modem xfi6 in Wifi mode because of our security system.

So if i understand this correctly:

Because Comcast Modem xfi6 has to be in Wifi mode, the Orbi Ax6000 Router needs to be AP mode.

   Orbi RBR in AP Mode

      - You can't have a switch between RBR & RBS (unless netgear can resolve this issue)

      - I can connect RBR & RBS wirelessly - but 30 feet between units isn't much given a 2 story 3500 sq ft house

    Switch between Comcast Xfi6 and Orbi RBR - rooms hardlined in from the Comcast Modem

      - This configuration the Orbi RBS can't be hardwired in - it can't communicate to the RBR (which makes sense)

      - This configuration i could setup RBR and RBS wirelessly to each other.  

Bummer on the Ex8000 that I purchased 6 months ago, I wish know I would have boughten the orbi Outdoor, that should work with the Orbi Ax6000, correct?

Currently, I guess the best solution is:

      - Connect the Comcast Modem/Router Xfi6 to the Orbi Ax6000 WAN Port

      - Use the RBR's 4 Lan ports as a switch & pick the 4 most important rooms

      - Once hopefully NG resolves the switch issue, I can then utilize the switch to hardline in more rooms in the house




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Re: Can I Add Ex8000 Mesh to Orbi Ax6000

If you want, yon can downgrade FW version to v3.2.9.2 which works for wired RBS with a switch in the middle in AP mode. 

Or you can use current FW and use the Orbi in router mode and use the modems DMZ for the RBR in router mode. This would help with having two routers on the same line if you want to use the RBS wired with a switch. 


30 feet or more is preferred. I have a 5000sq ft home, RBR at one end on 2nd story and RBS down at the other end in the basement. 40 feet in between. I get a poor reading here however RBS will works ok when wirelessly connected. Great when it's wired of course.

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