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Re: I cannot access the Orbi router page


I cannot access the Orbi router page

Having the same (or very similar) issue with my RBR750.  All devices are connected and working fine, but I cannot access the Orbi router page.  I CAN access the RBS750 (and my managed switch), but not the router.  This just happened in the last day or so.  Have tried accessing the page with different browsers and different devices both with ethernet directly connected and via wifi.  Screenshots attached are (left to right) Chrome, Firefox, and then Edge.  


There are other strings on this forum with the same sort of issue and I've tried the suggestions contained in those as well.  The only bonafide solution seems to be to bite the bitter pill and do a factory reset.  I'm putting this off for now and am not looking forward to it as my network is convoluted with multiple switches and a Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole.


For those bigger brains on the forum, can anyone explain why this happens?


I do know I'm going to try to do this after I get it up and fully functional again:




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Re: I cannot access the Orbi router page

Been a recent rash of auto updates from NG that seems to have caused this. 

Only thing that seems to bring access back to the RBRs web pages is a factory reset and setup from scratch using a wired PC and web browser at HTTP and 20 second press of the reset button then release.


If you have Apple devices, try this after the system is set up using a wired PC and web browser:


Then try Orbi app. 

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