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What do I do from this screen???


What do I do from this screen???

After several attempts at trying to reset my admin password that I forgot. When clicking through the reset steps listed on all the sites. None of them match up to what happens. I get this screen after clicking cancel after typing routerlogin.net

I’m at a loss on what to do. Of course I’m out of my free support phase and netgear wants to charge me $50 to help me reset my password. Please help.
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Re: What do I do from this screen???

There's a bug with the password recovery feature. what it is is that if you don't know the answers to the questions or didn't set them up, it still asks but there isn't a correct response. So it just takes you in a loop. 

So if thats what you're going through, to get back in, you'd need to factory reset and reinstall the router. 

To factory reset, push and hold reset for 7-15 seconds while its powered on. 

Then follow the install guide

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