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Apprentice orbi satellite dropped

was hoping the latest firmware would fix things but my satellite just dropped off. Can't connect to it at all even when using a desktop wired to the router. 

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Re: orbi satellite dropped

My god, still no ethernet backhaul ?!


Plus what is a "daisy chain" ?!!

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Re: orbi satellite dropped

@lovingbenji wrote:

Plus what is a "daisy chain" ?!!

Satellites connecting through nearer satellites versus further routers (i.e. multi-hop).



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Re: orbi satellite dropped

perhaps satellite too far from the base (out of range?).   Try add a satellite - I had to do that to add back in my satellites after the upgrade and do the whole sync thing.   

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Re: orbi satellite dropped

Perhaps your satellite is too far? have you tried placing it closer to the main Orbi unit?


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Re: orbi satellite dropped

I don't think it's too far as the ring doesn't light up. I had this happen on a few occasions and it's now closer to the router. Also the satellite still gives out full wifi signal but none of my devices are able to obtain the IP address. If I turn off the sattelite the main router reaches the end of the room (about 10m further than the current sattelite) but the speeds are a lot slower due to the weaker signal. I am running orbi in AP mode. Not sure if this makes a difference. I can try setting it up in router mode and get rid of my ISP router

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