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Daisy Chain WiFi


Daisy Chain WiFi

I have a Victorian (brick) property over three floors. Some of the interior walls are brick. Floors and celings are wood and plaster. I have ethernet on the top floor, but there is no possibility of laying ethernet to the other floors. I could possibly wire up the roof space.


I currently have a Unifi AP on the top floor, and Air Wire bridge to the ground floor, with another Unifi AP connected to the Air Bridge. It works, although the Air Wire bridge is not line of sight, and must be 40 feet.


Logically I need an access point in about 4 places, but I need a wireless daisy chain to reach them. The daisy chain needs to be about two long, so root-----extender/root-------extender.


In the WAX620 manual I see no mention of daisy chaining. Can it do it? If not, is there another compatible product that can provide the extension and a single SSID?


Or is my only choice to use the Orbi Pro range?




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