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Guest Network access time limit


Guest Network access time limit

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I wondering what is the time limit for Guest access on Orby? When I give access to a vistor on my Guest network, how long it lasts? I could not find any settings anywhere. If there is no such thing then Netgear should look into it.

Model: Orbi High-Performance AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi System (RBK50)
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Re: Guest Network access time limit

there is no time limit available , so they will have access until you ether change the passphrase for the guest access or you disable guest network

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Re: Guest Network access time limit

This is not good then. They should offer some option to restrict the access by time.

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Re: Guest Network access time limit

agree , its not optimal but it depends on what type of guests you have as they dont usually stay long and once they leave they disconnect , generally if it was different you would use some form of parental control or firewall rule to give them time based access control

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Re: Guest Network access time limit

I am a realtor and I am listing a property for my seller. I intend to purchase a security camera to provide other buyers who lives outside of my local state to view the inside and outside of the house but only giving them limited access to view over the internet and not giving full rights to change my password or anything on my recorded video and audio. This will help me get a buyer at the same time giving protection to watch all my listing property for my sellers. Does Arlo has tthe ability to give limited access only to view?

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Re: Guest Network access time limit



i dont understand where wifi guest access or access time comes into the above though or are you talking some form of remote access from the www to access the live view of the camera ? , i think that would be more an arlo question rather than an orbi one 

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