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HOW FAR APART can router satellite be?


HOW FAR APART can router satellite be?

So I am reading a "solved" question that never gets a straight answer, not even one "if everything were perfect" one, just generizations & what ifs and don't-blame-me-later due to a wrong answer ... 1 Kudo earned, really?.  UGH  



HOW FAR APART can router satellite be?

1. in order for a GOOD signal be reported

2. for highest speed internet produced


I would expect a manufacturer rep/tech to KNOW this, if only IDEAL conditions, e.g. open air field, line of sight or across a lake, line of sight as one posted in the referenced community Q that failed to gain any answer in feet.


Next up would be through single/dbl pane glass (windows), as this distance could solve many problems and cut down on tech support woes, put the cokkies on the bottom shelf.


After that I DO understand as architect the implications of hurtles such as sheetrock, wood studs, even insulation, especially foil faced, then metal roofs ... similar to cell phone woes.  Here I see generalizations might apply BUT no solutions ever given, e.g. cut a piece of that foil out to create "line of sight" to a brother satellite or mother router!  


What about bouncing sigals off sheetrcok walls, ala billards? ,,, and other ideas that have worked for others?

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Re: HOW FAR APART can router satellite be?

Beginning distance between router and satellite should start at 30-40 feet. A wif router alone can handle up to 30-40 feet range. Line of site is always best however, 2-3 Wooden and sheet rock walls can still not impact signals. Concrete and metal embedded walls will impact signal.


I have a 5000sq ft home and have my 1 satellite at the opposite end of the house 40 feet in between. Coverage, range and performance is great. 3 wooden walls in between.


Size of home is important as well small size, a router alone can handle most of this coverage. Mid to large size, then you need to place a satellite in low signal or dead areas.


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