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IPv6 DHCP-PD Issue in Orbi


IPv6 DHCP-PD Issue in Orbi

The problem is as follows:

My ISP is to support native IPv6 (SLAAC) for WAN + DHCP-PD for LAN. I cannot connect the IPv6 through my iPHONE every reboot.

After 1 days, I cannot connect IPv6 site again. From iPhone, there is no IPv6 address obtained. It seems that the DHCP-PD is timeout without renewal.

If I tried to reboot the Orbi again, the IPv6 can be used with new prefix. The same situation haven't been found when I used ASUS-87U previously.

So that I think the problem may be in ISP. 

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Sr. NETGEAR Moderator

Re: IPv6 DHCP-PD Issue in Orbi

Hello Larryktlee


have you checked with the ISP on this yet?



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Re: IPv6 DHCP-PD Issue in Orbi

Yes, the problem is not from ISP. It is because I tried to use netgear R7000 and netgear 6300v2. There is no DHCP-PD timeout issue.

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