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IPvanish (vpn) and Orbi Issues


IPvanish (vpn) and Orbi Issues

Hi everyone,


I just got a set of Orbi Rbr50. My issue is that specifically on Windows 10, I cannot access my VPN. It says that it’s connected on my VPN app, but access is still blocked. My VPN provider is IPvanish, and before switching to Orbi, it worked flawlessly on my PC (even now, it still works on my Android phone which is also connected to the Orbi wifi). So, based on that, I know that it’s not the VPN provider, and more likely due to the Orbi not being properly set up and/or compatible with my vpn.

Thus far, I have done the following:

-Enable Netgear DDNS

-Enable VPN with UDP and tried both the “auto” and “All sites on the Internet & Home Network”

-installed Openvpn and the configuration package

-copied the configuration package to the “config” folder on Openvpn

-renamed Ethernet 3 (the tap) to NETGEAR-VPN


But no luck. My vpn still says that it is connected but will not provide access. Any ideas what I should do?


P.S. I am not super tech savvy. My understanding of setting up a vpn service is basically just install the app and click the connect button. So, I hope you’ll bear with me here.

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: IPvanish (vpn) and Orbi Issues

Wow.  TWO questions about IPVanish on the same day!


Please confirm one thing: You use IPVanish to "go out and do things" while protecting your home IP, correct?  OpenVPN accomplishes exactly the opposite.  When OpenVPN is set up on a router, people can VPN into the network, while keeping the contents of their internet access secured.  (Like, when using a public hotspot in Starbucks, an Airport, their neighbor's WiFi, etc.)  The option to access "All sites and the internal network" means that people who VPN into the Orbi can have their internet access turn around and appear to come from the Orbi (no longer encrypted).  Alas, installing OpenVPN has done nothing to help your situation.


IPVanish has advice about dealing with a "router behind a router" situations.  Can you please identify what equipment the Orbi is connected to?  (brand and specific model)


Can you explain more about what "access is blocked" means?  You actually get a message that the VPN connected, but then (error message?  web sites do not respond?  what?)


Where did IPVanish work flawlessly on Windows 10?  (the WiFi you had before installing the Orbi?  Public hotspots?)

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Re: IPvanish (vpn) and Orbi Issues

Have you tried to change the protocol that IPVanish uses, as suggested on this help article?


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