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Re: Meet Orbi Outdoor - Better WiFi. Indoors and Out


Re: Meet Orbi Outdoor - Better WiFi. Indoors and Out

Seems like I am having the same issues with with my RBS50Y. Upon initial power up everything works fine, then the next day, it shows nothing is connected. Any idea when the new firmware will be available?

They've not informed me when the updated production firmware is due for release.  However I had the exact problem you're referring to and worked closely with Netgear Support Level 2 (who worked with engineering) to develop a firmware fix.  I've validated this thru a beta firmware I'm currently running on my RBR50, RBS50 and the new RBS50Y.  Rest assured it works, will address your issue and make it operate exactly as you had hoped it would.  Glad I didn't end up returning it as I had previously considered.  Hope this helps.

Model: RBS50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Satellite Only)
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Re: Meet Orbi Outdoor - Better WiFi. Indoors and Out

I did end up buying/installing the RBS50Y. I previously had decent coverage out to my "arbor" in the backyard, but it wasn't quite strong enough to keep a few HomeKit-enabled switches/plugs from dropping connection (and they don't auto-reconnect). I installed the RBS50Y in a covered portion of my arbor, which is about 50 ft away from the (inside) RBR50.


So far, so good. I'm running the latest public firmware for it and it hasn't dropped my HomeKit devices. Yes, the price was too much, but I bit the bullet in hopes it would solve my issues, and it appears to have done just that.


Of course, I'm still having a problem with my RBR50/RBS50 dropping one iPad in particular. The iPad either drops Wi-Fi all together, or gives the "no internet connection" even when it connects. Anxiously awaiting better firmware!

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