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Re: Orbi daisy chain and star topology


Orbi daisy chain and star topology

Hi, Everyone

I've had my rbk33 for only a few days and trying to understand some things.

My orbi is about 95% factory, I've changed the SSID and passwords. Personalized the 2 satellite names, everything else I've left alone.

My setup is 2 satellites on the main floor (one on each end) and my router upstairs between the satellites.

I've left daisy chain enabled (it's checked with a black x on the web GUI) both satellites since hook up have been connected to the router.

Things are working good.

Do I leave daisy chain enabled or uncheck it?

If I uncheck daisy chain will that make an negative affect on anything?

I thought the purpose of daisy chain was the satellites connected to each other than the router?

Model: RBK33| Orbi Plug-In WiFi System
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Re: Orbi daisy chain and star topology

"Daisy Chain" allows satellites to connect to another satellite rather than the router.  This is in case the farthest satellite cannot get a strong enough signal from the router.  It does not force satellites to do this.  If the "Attached Devices" page shows that the satellites are both connected to the router, you can disable Daisy Chain.  Another thing to consider is: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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Re: Orbi daisy chain and star topology

OK. Thanks.

I guess I misunderstood the Daisy chain thing.

Since both my satellites are connected to the router and daisy chain is enabled I thought it was a bug or something.

I might as well leave it enabled then since everything seems to be working pretty good and I don't know if disabling it will mess anything up.

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