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Orbi dropping internet connection


Orbi dropping internet connection

So my Orbi keeps dropping internet connection with my Amazon TV via Ethernet but WiFi remains working. I have to reboot Amazon TV to have it reconnect to the Orbi. Both Orbi and Amazon TV have most recent firmware update. My internet is fiber and up to 1gbps speed. So I have the Ethernet cable directly from wall into Orbi and another cable from Orbi into Amazon TV.
Any ideas why it keeps dropping internet to my Amazon TV?
Model: RBK50| Orbi AC3000 High-Performance Tri-Band WiFi System, RBR50| Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi (Router Only)
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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection

Do you have both wifi and ethernet enabled on the Amazon TV at the same time? if so are you able to shut off the wifi connection and just have ethernet?



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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection

On your Amazon Fire device, go to Settings>>Network and choose Wired.


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Re: Orbi dropping internet connection

Yes, it's almost certainly the bugs with the Orbi backhaul (WDS) system. I just posted about it here.


Providing I'm seeing the same thing you are, there is nothing you can do about the issue. You have to use a different product.

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