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Re: RBK22 - I’d like an extender that does NOT create its own network. (SSID).


RBK22 - I’d like an extender that does NOT create its own network. (SSID).

I have Orbi RBK22 and would like to extend its range. All range extenders I found create a new network and hence require me to manually switch the SSID to access the boosted signal. Is there one that searches for strongest signal and automatically connects without having to change WIFI Setting to a different SSID? Thanks.
p.s. - I’m not very technical. 😉
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Re: RBK22 - I’d like an extender that does NOT create its own network. (SSID).

This is indeed the significant difference between a WiFi Extender and a Mesh Satellite.


WiFi Extenders usually allow the user to define the WiFi SSID broadcast by the device, so it can match (exactly) the WiFi credentials of the host system that it is extending.  There are times when creating a different WiFi SSID for an extender is useful, such as when a device that is fixed in place does not get a strong enough signal from the host WiFi system and the user does not want the device to attempt to connect to the host system after a power outage or other interruption.  All extenders, however, create their own WiFi network.  When a device roams from the host WiFi system and its connection gets weaker and weaker, the device may stubbornly hang on to the host WiFi until the service level drops to the point that it "gives up" and searches anew for a WiFi network.  A mobile device can be prompted to switch by opening the wireless settings, disconnecting from WiFi, then connecting again.  This time, the desired network will have the best signal and the device will pick it.


Mesh satellites take advantage of IEEE protocols to prompt the device to roam seamlessly from one WiFi access point to another without the user doing anything.  With the host network being a Netgear Orbi RBK22, you could pick up an Orbi satellite on Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc.  Satellites compatible with the RBK22 include

  • RBS20
  • RBS40
  • RBS50
  • RBS40V

The original Orbi products (from 2016) do not support WiFi6, which offers better performance and is supported by smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, etc. on the market for several years.


After comparing the price/availability of satellites compatible with the RBK22, it may turn out that a "fork lift upgrade" to a completely new mesh system makes more sense.


Good Luck

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