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Re: Wired Backhaul Issues


Wired Backhaul Issues

Hello all. I've had an Orbi RBK50 with 1 satelitte in my home for years now. It works quite well, except during/after firmware updates where more things get broken than fixed... Anyhow - I recently installed the same system in my Inlaws house as they were struggling with wifi. 

I am trying to run the system in a wired backhaul state, but the satelitte will just not connect "wired". Only wireless. Given the home is large, and the router is in the basement and satelitte on the top floor (3 floors total, including basement) - it needs to be wired. They only have a single cat5e cable running from the basement up to the top floor via the furnace vent. 


Satellite will only connect 2.4ghz "poor" signal to router. Wired connection does not seem to pick up. I've recrimped both ends of the cat5e cable and tested it with a tester to ensure it's fine. I just don't get it. I've tried a different port on the router as well. No matter what I do, this thing will not pick up the wired backhaul??? 


Things I've tried. 

- Powered off Satelitte, wait for it to come back wirelessly. After a few mins of blue ring and successful wireless connection, plug in cat5e cable to first lan port on sat. 

- Checked in the web UI, Lan Link 1 on the router shows as "Link Down". Tried using a different port on router, no change. 


Any insights?

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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Re: Wired Backhaul Issues

Test the wire with a computer.  have it hooked to the orbi on one end and a laptop/desktop on the other and make sure it works. I know you stated you used a tester but I've had cheaper testers pass a cable and then the cable fail during usage. 


Another thought is, once its hooked up, give the satellite some time to fully establish connection. make sure you're firmware is current on it (what firmware are you on?). 

How far apart are the satellites from the router and each other? 30ft is the minimum. If you're to far apart or have to much interference, it does drop from the 5ghz backhaul down to the 2.4ghz backhaul due to its better range and penetration ability. do you have daisy chain enabled? If you're using wired backhaul, disable it. 

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Re: Wired Backhaul Issues

Thanks, I will try the wire on a laptop the next time I swing by their home. 

I've definately given the connection some time to establish before plugging in the wire. The distance is fairly far, 2 floors away and opposite sides of the house. I'm actually surprised it's even able to maintain a 2.4ghz connection... No daisy chaining enabled, I've got it setup the exact same way mine at home is setup for wired backhaul, which works fine. 

I can only think that the wire must be janky, but it tests fine. I'll bring my laptop next time.


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Re: Wired Backhaul Issues

What is the Mfr and model# of the ethernet switch if one is in the configuration.


Try the RBS in the same room as the RBR with a patch cable to help rule out in wall LAN cabling and switches. 

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Re: Wired Backhaul Issues

Just for a sanity check, directly connect the satellite to the orbi router with a short Cat5e or 6 cable and see if it will show up as wired.  If it does, you might have a cable issue with the one that runs in the vent. 


Is it configured as an access point or in router mode?


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