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Can explain IoT separate network?


Can explain IoT separate network?

I use homekit for most of my devices. Does it work quickly to have devices on separate network from ipad/iphones. Which network would I put my homehubs/apple tvs on?

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Re: Can explain IoT separate network?

If they wont connect to the main wifi network, setting up a new device or migrating from old SSID name and PW and used same SSID name and password on Orbi 7, then IoT network would be the next solution. 

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Re: Can explain IoT separate network?

Having a separate IoT (Internet of Things) network is ideal and highly recommended from a security point of view.


IoT devices tend to be numerous these days. Consider any smart device you have in your house which connects to Wifi, it could be your Smart TV, Smart Fridge, Roomba vacuum cleaner, Smart lights, Smart watch, baby monitor, Alexa device, a Wifi scale and so on. Many of these devices also use old Wifi connection protocols.


These days you ideally want a secure main Wifi using WPA3, as older WPA2 and WPA can be easily hacked, it's a new security protocol for encrypting and protecting your Wifi data. Your new PC and Laptop might love WPA3! Even Windows 11 will pop up with a congratulations for upgrading and using it when detected, informing you are much more secure now. Yet those IoT devices might only support WPA2 and not be able to use it.


Commonly a hacker will target a weak unsecure IoT device first to get into the network and then target other devices across it, such as your PC and laptop. A hacker might not care about anything on that IoT device itself, but they rather use them for DDOS attacks and proxies to target other devices.


Some IoT devices store the Wifi password directly in them to be able to access, so a hacker can grab that too. Some hackers will sniff data across the Wifi network from that IoT device to collect, such as waiting for you to use a PC, Laptop or Smartphone to access your bank account and grab those details, etc.


Having a separated network, they can't cross over to sniff those other devices or leak the main Wifi password. So you get to keep a much more secure environment away from that possible issue, if it ever occurred. It's cutting off an easy bridge for those hackers.

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