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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

How to Update to RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version V9.10.2.3_1.1.13


New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version


New Features and Enhancements: 10/22/2023

  • Satellite connection and display improvements
  • WiFi stability improvements

Security Fixes:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixes an issue where clients of the guest network are not getting an IP address when the router functions in AP mode.
  • Fixes an issue where the router admin credentials token doesn’t expire when you use a different browser.
  • Fixes an issue where SSIDs are still broadcasting when the router is powered off.
  • Fixes various minor bug fixes.




Download Link:




Firmware Update Instructions:

To update your router’s firmware, follow the instructions in your router’s user manual. To view your router’s user manual, visit https://www.netgear.com/support/product/RBE971.aspx#docs.




Be sure to update the RBS FIRST, then the RBR lastly. 

Please navigate to the link below for step-by-step instructions on how to update your RBR971/RBS970:




I HIGHLY recommend after the FW is loaded on the system and it's back to ready, power OFF all Orbi units and the ISP modem/ONT for 1 minute. Then back ON with the ISP modem/ONT first, then RBR then RBS.


NOTE: Orbi app or the routers web page may not report seeing new FW updates. NG may not push this to there auto update services immediately and may activate the newer FW update being seen on there auto update services at a later time. User will have the choice to manually update if you want too.



If there is a FW updated seen on the RBRs web page and all RBS are online and connected with GOOD STATUS, you can select the UPDATE ALL button option to have the RBR update the RBS and RBR. Update All button is seen on the RBRs Firmware Update WEB page on the Check for Updates FW section of the page. Once FW has been checked for an update and all devices show the FW update is available, select the UPDATE ALL button. Give 5 minutes for the process to take place. 


Quick Installation Guide, User Manual and Spec Sheet is here:




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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

And there’s already a new firmware
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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

Hi There,

Engineering Team here, V9.10.1.4 is a huge improving from V9.10.0.2 where V9.10.0.2 will it increases stability on client connectivity by ensure network stability takes priority.


Also note, that V9.10.2.3 has came out but it is not mandatory for users to update. Users have option to update right away. This firmware has a bigger fix that allows client to remain connected to network system without the network system crashing or dropping from network. Please let me know if have any questions. Release note for each firmware will come out few days after firmware release usually. We allow users to update so they have a better experience. For new installations, we automatically make the user go to V9.10.2.3 to help with the onboarding experience and make sure they have the latest security and stability fixes. 

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

Can someone point me in the right direction to download V9.10.2.3? It is not showing up on the product support download for RBE973, Orbi App, or under orbilogin.com. I’ve tried VPN, clearing cookies, everything I can think of.
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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

If it's not showing in the Orbi app or RBR web ui, you'll need to be patient and wait for NG to get it online. 

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

So has made things worse with my apple devices.  How do I get the new code.  I can not do auto install as I run in AP mode, so I need to be able to down load the code.

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How to Update to RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version V9.10.2.3_1.1.13

The only way currently to update to the subject firmware is to do a factory reset on the satellites first then your router last. Basically you are doing a new setup like it came out of the box. Using the Orbi app to do the setup when it gets to checking for the latest firmware it should give you the option to updating the firmware to V9.10.2.3_1.1.13. Hope this helps!

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Re: New - RBE970 / RBE971 Firmware Version

I recommend you factory reset as suggested and setup in router mode long enough for the setup wizard to check for new FW, then once system is fully updated and setup, configure back to AP mode.

@jhmoser15 wrote:

So has made things worse with my apple devices.  How do I get the new code.  I can not do auto install as I run in AP mode, so I need to be able to down load the code.


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