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Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime


Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime

Found on the RBR and RBS IP address/debug.htm web page for best details, please post both RBR and RBS uptime. Please note of any inconsistencies between the RBR and RBS. Generally the RBR and RBS uptime should be same. Home wide power brown outs should be noted if these are seen.


Thank you.

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Re: Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime

Is this what you are looking for?


RBE970 Satellite 0 days 7:33:39

RBE971 Router 15 days 06:07:10

Firmware: V9.10.0.2_1.1.5


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Re: Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime

Orbi 790 system
Main and both satellites
Firmware Version :
CPU Load :
Memory Usuage(Used/Total) :
1530 MB/1743 MB
System Uptime :
21 days 1:55:1

The only weird thing is the memory usage on main and one satellite is what I posted using 3/4 of memory
BUT other satellite is using 1/3 of memory

Otherwise rock solid, absolutely no issues, and armor is still working amazingly, to me great.
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Re: Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime

Updated results with most recent Firmware:


RBE971 Router:

Firmware Version: V9.10.2.3_1.1.13

Boot Loader Version:2016.01_rtm-

seal: v2.1.8.24-0

armor-bd: v2.2.184.2

spc-circle: v3.31.1.2

CPU Load: 6.84%

Available Memory/Total Memory:1090 MB/1743 MB

System Uptime:5 days 12:01:03


RBE970 Satellite:

Firmware Version :V9.10.2.3
CPU Load :8.86%
Memory Usage(Used/Total) :625 MB/1743 MB
System Uptime :5 days 19:47:8
Hop Count :1
Bootloader Version :U-Boot 2016.01_rtm- (May 27 2023 - 00:22:49 +0000)



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Re: Share your Orbi 970 series system UpTime

As of yesterday:

Basic Information
Firmware Version: V9.10.2.3_1.1.13
Boot Loader Version: 2016.01_rtm-
seal: v2.1.8.24-0
armor-bd: v2.2.184.2
spc-circle: v3.31.1.2
CPU Load: 3.61%
Available Memory/Total Memory: 1127 MB/1743 MB
System Uptime: 10 days 03:50:54

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