Re: RB53 vs RB50 for 5000. Sq ft


RB53 vs RB50 for 5000. Sq ft

First of all I am not very tech savvy so thanks for any input.

i went ahead and got the 53 with 2 satellites figuring overkill would be better since I was wanting some coverage behind our house.

i just read something that each satellite use a dedicated band for backhaul to the router and that the extra satellite may actually clog up the system and hurt speed.

thanks for the help.

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Re: RB53 vs RB50 for 5000. Sq ft

You should be fine.  I have one router and two sats in a 3,000 SF 3-level home with no issues.

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Re: RB53 vs RB50 for 5000. Sq ft

I use a base router and just satellite for my 5000sq ft home. 

Recommend 30 feet to begin with in between the base router and satellite(s). 

Good Luck. 

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Re: RB53 vs RB50 for 5000. Sq ft

I have the RBK50 with two RBS50 satelites for a 6000 sq ft home and it works great -- in fact I can get wifi out in my driveway all the way to the street.    You should be fine.

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