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Upgrading firmware on GS105Ev2 -- fails using TFTP


Upgrading firmware on GS105Ev2 -- fails using TFTP



I have two GS105Ev2 switches that need a firmware upgrade.  The current firmware on the switches is and I'm trying to upgrade to downloaded from the Netgear site.


The only option available on the switches is a firmware upgrade via TFTP.  To that end, I installed a SolarWinds TFTP server on my troubleshooting laptop (Windows 10).  I've also checked the following:

1.  The switch management webpage is reachable from the laptop.

2.  Both the laptop and the switch are on the same network segment.

3.  The TFTP server service is running on the laptop.

4.  The laptop Windows Firewall has been configured to allow TFTP traffic (i.e., I've configured the firewall to "allow the TFTP server to communicate").

5.  The .bin file is located in the TFTP server root folder.


Even with these checks, when I initiate the firmware upgrade process I receive the error message "Could not locate TFTP server".


Does anyone have any ideas on what else I should check?  Is there any other firmware upgrade method for these switches?



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Re: Upgrading firmware on GS105Ev2 -- fails using TFTP

Hello @jcm183,

And welcome to the NETGEAR Community! 🙂


Please call the location of the firmware in the TFTP server and paste it into the GUI of the firmware upgrade box.


If your issue is resolved please close the thread by clicking "Accept as solution".


Have a lovely day, 
Anisha A
Netgear Team 

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