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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Domain Blocking does not work


Domain Blocking does not work

Hey all,


Looks like I'm late to the party. No matter what I try Domain Blocking (i.e. Twitter.com) does not work.
Yes, I have just loaded the latest firmware, and no it did not work with year old firmware I just replaced.
I specifically have the R6700v2, and you can clearly see on page 65 in the below manual it is suppose to work:
In fact, the help built into the route states:


To Block Keywords or Internet Domains:

  1. Select when to turn on Keyword Blocking (Never, Per Schedule, or Always).
  2. In the Type Keyword Or Domain Name Here field, type the word or domain name you want to block.
  3. Click Add Keyword.
  4. The word or domain name will appear in the list.
  5. Continue adding names and keywords until you are finished.
  6. Click Apply when finished.

I've tried twitter, twitter.com, www.twitter.com and the router never block any of them.
I'd love to be proven wrong, but if I'm not NetGear has lost a customer FOR LIFE.

Model: R6700|Nighthawk AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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