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Internet light orange on router?


Internet light orange on router?

Ok so like 2 days ago my wifi just stopped working, for no reason. I tried to reset it but it didn’t work. I thought the modem was the issue but it’s the router. And the internet light on the router is orange. I’ve reset it, updated it, but nothing has worked. Any answers ?

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Re: Internet light orange on router?

what device do you have? 

What firmware is on it? 

What modem/gateway is it connected to? 

There's a support site with access to manuals, firmware, install guides, etc.
Go to https://www.netgear.com/support/
Type in your model number and from there it'll take you to the above.
Its a great resource to start with.

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Re: Internet light orange on router?

so when you say your wifi stopped working did it stop transmitting a signal or was it just that your internet wouldn't load up? Try doing a hard reset on your router by pressing the reset button with a paper clip. Let us know what happens to help you troubleshoot.

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