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ReadyNAS 214 drops connection with Mac Big Sur

I have looked at lots of posts and cannot seem to find an answer to my issue.  I have a MacBook Pro running Big Sur 11.1

I have a ReadyNAS 214 running 6.10.4.  My problem is that I cannot copy files from my Mac to the NAS.  I can connect, copy from, and open, but cannot copy to.  It starts out as if it is going to but 0 bytes transferred and just stops.  I either get a message saying the server unexpectedly disconnected or that the copy failed.

As a side note, I cannot get Time machine to work either, it disconnects unexpectedly.

No issues with desktop running windows 10.

Any help is appreciated.


Model: RN21400|ReadyNAS 214 Series 4- Bay (Diskless)
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