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Re: "Resync 5% complete, Time to finish 98 hr 29 min"


"Resync 5% complete, Time to finish 98 hr 29 min"

Hi there. I've been running an NV+ with 3 x 500 GB drives pretty much trouble free for the past couple of years. There's currently 918 GB of data on the 1 TB volume and the time has come to expand, so I'm replacing the existing drives with 3 x 2 TB drives.

The first replacement drive took around 5 hours to initialize, and the volume is currently resyncing. It's only doing 1275 kb/s, though, so the estimated time to completion is 98 hours. Does the data transfer rate look reasonable? If so, and if it continues at this rate, it's going to take about 12 days to complete the volume expansion!! Guess I should have offloaded a big chunk of the data somewhere else to avoid such a lengthy process. I did back up the most important 500 GB of data, but I don't really want to risk cutting into the middle of the process to try and shorten things up.

Any comments / suggestions? Thanks!
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Re: "Resync 5% complete, Time to finish 98 hr 29 min"

OK, I figured it out. Acronis was running in the background - frantically trying to back-up (to the NV+) the 500 GB that I had copied from the NV+ to my PC's hard drive yesterday before starting the expansion process - duh!! I killed Acronis in msconfig "Startup" to ensure it won't interfere with the remainder of the process.
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