RBK 353 Dropping Internet connection


RBK 353 Dropping Internet connection

Hi All,


I have this issue for a while now, tried almost everything suggested in related posts but nothing works.

Also I've read a lot of similar posts, but so far i can't find any issues exactly the same as my problem.


So this is the problem:

My Orbi loses its wireless connection a few times a day (mostly two about 6 o'clock, in the morning and evening).


There are a couple of things which makes it strange:

  • All wired connections are good (and fast).
  • Wifi is still up, so i am able to connect to the router for troubleshooting.
  • Speedtest out of the router (via orbi app) is also fast. Which also confirms the stable internet connection besides that traffic through a wired connection also works.
  • Speedtest from any other possibility (App or Website) on a wireless connected device results into no internet connection.

Since all wired connections and the general connection to the Modem and Router are all fine i can exclude that it's a ISP issue.


My setup is as following:

ISP Modem (KPN Box12 [Sagecom F5359])-> RBR 350 (in AP mode in dedicated IP adress Assigned via Router or Modem *no difference connection wise) -> RBS 350 (one wired and one wireless).


Router Firmware Version


The only solution so far is rebooting the Orbi Router everytime it happens, but this is very annoying when you have to do that at least two times a day.

I also contacted the ISP who pointed out that this is clearly a Netgear issue since all regular connections are up.


Also DMZ is not an option because i want to use the routerfunction of my modem as well (for sake of the IPTV which otherwise will stop working. I've tried that already). Besides that, this configuration did work for a while. But suddenly it stopped working. At that point I didn't change any settings in both the router and the modem.

What i did try is loading a backup, both regular and after a factory reset, but that didn't work as well.


I've posted this before and only recieved one reaction pointing towards the ISP. I forgot to react so that topic was closed.

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