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AX1600 EAX12 Firmware flaw when logging in to manage in AP mode


AX1600 EAX12 Firmware flaw when logging in to manage in AP mode

I have two of these models both in Access Point mode, and they both exhibit this behaviour. When you connect to them to manage them, immediately after logging in they display a page which says:


Network Connection Issue

The extender can't connect to the Router. 

Make sure that the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the port on the extender and the router. 


Do you want Smart Setup to try again?

  • Yes
  • No
Note: After you click Next, this Extender will be assigned a new IP address. When it happens, your browser might be disconnected from the network. To reconnect to the Extender, you may need to change your device's IP address. Then close the window, and launch your browser again.
This is incorrect - there is NO network connection issue, and the device CAN connect to the router.
I click on the No radio button, as there is no reason to use Smart Setup again, and then some further settings appear to optionally configure the IP address. I choose the option "I want to configure the Extender myself" and then the next page that is displayed is the normal settings page.
This is the page that should have been displayed immediately after logging in to the device, and all of the above is incorrect and very misleading. For many people it will result in going through Smart Setup every time they log in to the device.
Is there any prospect of this erroneous behaviour being fixed? It is sloppy and misleading in the extreme for the device to behave in this way when you log in to adjust its settings. I keep checking for updated firmware which will correct this flaw but no updated firmware has been released since v which I think as issued in March 2022.


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