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multiple entenders


multiple entenders

I have 2 ex6120  and I wanted to connect them to my  router ---  I am having an issue using the wpa  button, so I want to use the  browser to  configure the extender --- the manual says to connect to the extender  using the network NETGEAR_EXT, but if I have 2 how do I  know which extender I am connecting to? 

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Re: multiple entenders

leave one powered off while setting up the first. Then power it off after its setup and setup the 2nd one. 

I generally don't advise using more than 1 extender. Usually if you're needing more than 1, I advise people to move to an actual mesh system like netgear orbi or MK nighthawk as then something is controlling the system. It'll be more stable versus using multiple extenders. 

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