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Dont know how to change region for A7000 Nighthawk


Dont know how to change region for A7000 Nighthawk

Hi guys,

I recently purchased an AC1900 Wifi usb Adaptor and have been having quite the bit of trouble with it.

The adapotr has a hard time connecting to my wifi router. It can connect, but it takes well over 10 minutes every time i boot up my PC. I have seen other people have this problem and think it is linked to the genie showing the region as united states. However im from Australia and bought it from an Austrailian retailer. It dosent make any sense i have read tons of different articles and still cant make any sense of any of it. 

Can someone please tell me how to change the region for this adaptor. I know it has something to do with firmware but i still cant find the right firmware to download on my PC. 

if anyone can fix this i would greatly appreciate it.

Also can you guys make it as detailed as possible because i dont know much about computers and also hate having to deal with problems like this.


Model: A7000|Nighthawk AC1900 WiFi USB Adapter - USB 3.0
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Re: Dont know how to change region for A7000 Nighthawk



I think I might be having the same problem. My A7000 was working fine, however this morning I found out that I had no internet. When looking at the genie I found out that the region was listed as "europe" (I'm from north america). I'm not sure if it was like that before (maybe? never noticed) but it might be why I'm having problems now.


Did you ever fix your problem?

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