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EX7000 slowly died and can I get it fixed?


EX7000 slowly died and can I get it fixed?

I purchased this NetGear range extender 14 months ago.  It worked perfectly for about 9 months and then it would disconnect and the only way to get it started again was to power cycle it and it would be fine for awhile.  I would have to do this about once every 5 weeks or so.  Finally that didn't work anymore and it took a complete reset to get it going again.  But then it was difficult to reconnect too and a real PIA to connect again.  Once connected it would work for a few hours and disconnect again and a full reset was needed to start the entire process over.  I liked the extender but it's obviously dying.  It has the latest software update or at least it says so.  I would like to return it to get fixed but apparently Netgear doesn't want that or they make it so difficult to find out how to do it.  Any ideas?  I read some bad Amazon reviews and the failure mode that I am experience is described by others in the reviews.  So I guess this may be how they die.  So are they repairable and worth that or is it disposable at this point.  Thanks for your help.

Model: EX7000|AC1900 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: EX7000 slowly died and can I get it fixed?

Well like the wifi extender I had and the quality of netgear service and then no response from this forum I've deemed it all worthless.  The extender is in the garbage can and I will never own another piece of netgear in my lifetime and every chance I get to tell folks what a poor product with absolutely no customer service you can count on me to spread the word.  There is no service even for those of us that would have sent this in to get repaired at my expense.  I'm now the proud owner of a Linksys wifi extender and what a difference in quality and ease of use.  

Another interesting comment I have is I went an looked at the amazon reviews of this product and 95% of the negitive comments are from folks that had an extender die in the exact same fashion that this one did.  One would think netgear would like to get their hands on one of these defective products just to figure out what went wrong.  But it's amazing to see a company that just doesn't care.

Good by Netgear and I'm not looking back for sure.

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