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Re: EX7300 - Data lag


EX7300 - Data lag

Hi guys


I needed to extend my standard ISP modem/router wifi range so I bought the EX7300 for this specific use.

I plugged in the EX7300 and set it up - got the internet connection straight away - all good from that perspective.


I am using a Frizbox 7390 (v06.53) as modem/router and set up a new SSID for the wifi extender as per their recommandation.

So I have the "A" wifi network provided by my Fritzbox and a "B" wifi network provided by the EX7300 (FastLane mode - 5Ghz in/2.4Ghz out).


My issue is that I cannot upload any file with my "B" wifi network to neither the local network nor any internet cloud service (except Dropbox?!).


I understand this is caused by a misconfiguration within my local network but I can't figured out what to do.
Can someone help me pls?!


Thanks a lot!

Model: EX7300|AC2200 Nighthawk X4 Wall-plug Range Extender
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Re: EX7300 - Data lag

Hello Just_y


Could be a port forwarding issue have you checked if any of those file services need a port to be open?



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Re: EX7300 - Data lag

Thanks DarrenM for your message.

Can be a port forwarding issue indeed but this also happen in my local network.

As far as I understand port forwarding, it works from an internet service to a device in a local network, right?
(against devices in a local network)


Here is my config again:

Fritzbox 7390 (ISP modem/router)            EX7300/AC2200

- wifi network 1                                           - wifi network 2

- smart TV

- TV box                              

- PS4

- NAS 1

- NAS 2


I can't even upload any file on my NASs.

I am pretty sure it's not a compatibility issue and I know I am doing smtg wrong but can't get where.

Thanks for your help,


Model: EX7300|AC2200 Nighthawk X4 Wall-plug Range Extender
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