Enabling EAX80 guest network


Enabling EAX80 guest network

I just added an EAX80 to my network as I upgraded my router to an RAX120. I've had a EX8000 for while and it has it's own guest network setting in the software. I can't seem to find those same settings or an ability to enable the guest network for the EAX80. I read the user manual and kb's which talks about using the nighhawk app to enable the guest wifi but nothing about the extender itself and enabling it in the software for the extender.


My two thoughts are that I'm just missing where the settings are or doesn't exist.


Any help with this matter would be very much appreciated.



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Re: Enabling EAX80 guest network

Same here! I just added an EAX80 and do not see the guest network setting. I am wondering if they will fix it in a firmnware update like they did with the EX8000. I hope so or else I might have to return it.

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