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Re: IP Configuration failure - EX6120 Range Extender


Re: IP Configuration failure - EX6120 Range Extender

I had the same issue with the network listing as Public... pretty sure that's a Windows thing tho. It happens all the time when I'm setting up new machines for my work.


If I remember correctly, when I viewed the network in File Explorer it gave the yellow bar asking about changing the type and asking about file/printer sharing.You should be able to make it Private then, without any kind of reg hacks.

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Re: IP Configuration failure - EX6120 Range Extender

Thanks, yes you should be able to simply click on network icon and change it from public to private.  But maybe with recent update to WIN 10 PRO 64 bit that option change.  I was not able to click on network icon.  So I found the registry hack for doing it pretty easy... no issues as a result of hack.  Here is URL for reg hack:





Model: EX6120|AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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