Re: Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender


Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender

On 12/1/17 I had an unexpected interruption of access to my extender.  I kept getting a message that the password was incorrect, but my PW has always been the same as my router.  I went online and entered a chat session with John on the"" site. As soon as I told him my issue, he transferred me to a Tech named Avnish Kumar.  He stated he needed remote access to my computer in order to resolve my problem, so I gave him that access.  For the next 1-1/2 hours, he went through numerous activities on my computer (as I watched).  After he supposedly got my problem resolved, he began insisting on my installing a Firewall, by purchasing a software called EcoSoft.  The cost was $170 for a 2-yr subscription.  This was a reduced rate.  He created an invoice for the purchase, sent it to me via email, and I paid for it through PayPal; but he wanted the payment made to him - not NetGear.  I have written to NetGear twice, but have gotten no response.  I'm fearful I have been scammed.  Anyone heard or experienced this or familiar with this Firewall?

Model: WN3000RPv2|N300 WIFI Range Extender
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Re: Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender

I am not a Netgear representative, I provide no guarantee and take no liability for my comments.  This is my opinion on IT security related topics.


The mywifiext site is a private site that exists only on Netgear extenders.  All Netgear support is through  I am familiar with the address being, not .net, though it may handle both.  If you initiated a remote connection with someone while on a "mywifiext" or similar site, I am afraid it sounds like to me that you have likely been a victim of site spoofing.  I only know about Netgear making hardware products, not software.  If you gave him access to your local computer, there is likely something installed now like a virus, rootkit, remote exploit, etc.  It may be something hidden enough or deep enough that only a disk wipe will remove it, or worst case, there is something loaded in firmware that you cannot remove now.


I did not enter the site, but I cannot find any references to EcoSoft firewall (or EqoSoft) other than a page with that address itself.  This is a big red flag that it is not a valid product and is a scam site.  Also, when someone asks you to pay for anything that is not through a valid storefront.  If you had made payment to this person, PayPal would likely not refund your money because you willfully made the transaction, even if there was a promise for goods or services that were not rendered.  The receiver could claim that they just asked you for money or some such.

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Re: Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender

What apil1 is saying it right if you are not sure if its a trusted company then you should directly contact that company through there own website. If you need support for netgear products contact us through our support site.



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Re: Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender

I was hit by this scam yesterday. 

I’m disappointed that Netgear isn’t doing anything to help protect their customers. 

I was routed to all too easily. I got there by following Netgear’s instatructions. 

Not paying close attention I ended up in this scam. 

To make matters worse, alll the screens look very legitimate. 

Netgear needs to route extender setups only through their website. 

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Re: Possible Firewall Fraud, N300 Extender

I just had the same scenario. Tried to access & got a legitimate looking site. Online assistant could not help me, but would put me on the line with a tech who could fix my problem by accessing my computer. Luckily I've learned to be suspicious when it comes to letting someone access my computer, so declined her offer & logged off. Then came here to check out the situation. Glad I did. Hope Netgear does something to stop that from happening.


Model: WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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