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WN3000RP question


WN3000RP question

Not sure if in correct forum.
After an hour on phone with tech support, I finally got my WN3000RP Extender configured (I think).
I want to locate it about halfway between my Netgear 2000 router in one room and a blue ray player across the house in another room where I access Netflix.
When I do so, only three green lights appear. The Link rate LED does not light.
If I plug in right next to the router, the Link rate LED still does not light. Same if I open my browser, to make sure.
Does this mean a lousy, unfixable, connection rate for my blue ray player?
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Re: WN3000RP question

"The Link rate LED does not light." This generally means that the device is not connected (associated) with your WiFi Router or Access Point. Check the setup between the two devices again.
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