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Naught his product after reading reviews!
The box stats 'boost your existing wifi & deliver great wireless speed where signal is intermittent or weak'
My connect is so week i can't load even a email on my iPad! The device is in good range of the excisti g wifi unit but I'm still only getting about 3.1kbps one day and 400kbps another (these changes can be in a matter of seconds)! I stream a lot of photos and videos via the Internet any advice on how to get a strong And consistent connection speed, is there any setting I could change in the configuration of the extender!

Thank you
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Re: WR300Rp

Hello JoeMo90


You will want to try and adjust your wireless channel setting on your main routers wireless setting page. This may improve the signal for the wifi to the extender also take in mind when you extend wifi over a wireless connection the speed will never be as fast as your main routers network.



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