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Hi, i want to connect the netgear AP WN802T to my wi-fi home (via router), then with a wired line connect the same AP - WN802T to the pc. As i understand i have to make a bridge.
Now..i try to go in "bridging and repeating" section, but when i go it says me "Bridging cannot be enabled when channel is set to Auto!", so i go in wireless settings and put as channel/frequency 1, then go to bridging again and it works (that'is i can edit).
Now 2 way: Wireless Point to Multi-Point Bridge or Repeater without Wireless Client Association.

I choose Wireless Point to Multi-Point Bridge, is right? Well, i edit a profile, put the mac address of wifi, encription etc..all is ok.

But the AP doesn't connect to the wifi wrote in mac address Smiley Sad i don't know why... (also if i choose Repeater without Wireless Client Association)...when i go to monitoring:

Wireless 11ng

Received Transmitted
Unicast Packets 0 0
Broadcast Packets 0 414
Multicast Packets 0 777
Total Packets 0 1191
Total Bytes 0 287368

and when i try to put the ethernet line in my pc (setting dhcp) internet doesn't work..
please i need help.
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Re: Wn802t

the AP is WN802Tv2
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Re: Wn802t

what you need to do is connect the AP to your LAN using the wired connection. Then you can connect to the AP wirelessly. Since you already have a router, do not set the AP to act as a DHCP server (i.e. make sure that's off). I would also set your AP to use a static IP address on the subnet of the router. Be sure that this IP is outside the range of the IP addresses that the router is serving. You'll want to do this so that if you need to "surf" into the AP, you'll know what IP it has. if you let it get an IP from the router, you'll have to guess which one it is, or check the router first looking at list of attached devices to the router.

this is the basic way to use the AP. Once you get this working, (get the AP on your LAN with a static IP, you can surf into the AP to make changes to the config and you can connect wirelessly to it), then you try other configuration options.

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