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Re: Scary warning: 40 Mhz and 20 Mhz coexistence?

hi , the 2.4 gig wifi world is saturated with users and so as to ensure that this doesnt continue to happen the wifi alliance set a rule that forces the 2.4 gig down to 20mhz in areas where the 2.4 gig is congested and to avoid further congestion , its also called neighbor friendly wifi


so if you disable this setting and force it to run at 40mhz you are just being rude to your neighbors and pretty much giving them the bird


so you can be nice and leave it enabled and everyone will get a bit of bandwidth without too much congestion or you can be a prick and disable it and say screw you to your neighbors


thats your choice


your older 2.4 gig devices will work regardless of if its running at 20mhz or 40mhz


here is a link to help you understand why its there and what it does





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