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Orbi disconnects from internet intermittently

I bought an Orbi system with two satellites (RBR40). The Orbi disconnects from the internet every so often and, after a while, reconnects. Here's what I figured out already:


1) It's definitely the Orbi. The modem shows the internet is flowing and when I connect a Nighthawk router instead of an Orbi, everything works again. So it's not Comcast or the modem.

2) The problem is NOT connectivity to the Orbi from electronic devices. I'm always able to connect to the Orbi via my phone, etc., but the Orbi shows as being offline.

3) I've tried in router mode and wireless access point mode, and the same problem persists. 


About to pull my hair out and Orbi's "technical support" is literally worse than Comcast's. Any help would be appreciated.

Model: RBK40| Orbi AC2200 WiFi System
Who Me Too'd this topic