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confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

HI. I am trying to set up my readyCloud and register my readyNAS 102.  It looks like readyCloud is being upgraded/ended/replaced with a netGear account?  And that I should upgrade my account from readyCloud to a netGear account? as per this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXdDZc0N13M&t=54s


I have tried everything, but cannot progress.  I can log in using an email address and password.  But I don't anywhere see anything that might be a 'username'.  I have created an account at readycloud.netgear.com.  Is that a readyCloud account or a netgear account?


I tried to create a netgear account, but when I tried that using the same email as I used for the readyCloud (or whatever that ^^URL is for) it said that email was already in use. So I used a new email address, and when I logged in I was returned to the same domain (readycloud.netgear.com).


So - do I have a netgear account or a readycloud account?  I seem to have both and neither.  In respect of recovering my details I am asked to enter a username - but neither of the accounts I can log in to show me a username in the settings!


I am really confused.  Can we do this step by step, starting with finding out if I have either a netgear account or a readycloud account, and where I have to log in, and what steps I need to follow to upgrade my account - if indeed I have the kind of account that can be upgraded.  


I am starting to think that I probably don't have a readyCloud account at all, and I have two netgear accounts.

Model: RN10221D|ReadyNAS 100 Series 2-Bay
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