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Upgrading to a WiFi 6 Orbi System - can I just swap out my old Orbi System ?

I have an older Orbi system (an RBR 50 with 3 satellites).  Works well.  But I'm thinking of going to an Orbi Wifi 6 system (RBK 753) with several satellites.


If i bring in a new Orbi wifi 6 router and some new satellites, will the Orbi app just realize i am upgrading an existing Orbi system, and somehow facilitate the upgrade (swap out passwords, connection settings, etc) ?  


Or am i setting this up as an entirely new network ?  


I have a whole house full of older equipment (like Honeywell Lyric water sensors) which will require me to manually go into to each device and connect it to a new network.  


Hoping to avoid that pain !  

Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
Who Me Too'd this topic