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Netgear Armor vs Bitdefender Total Security: Double-pay, but stripped features

As a loyal BD user, I am very disappointed with the way BD has rebranded --and nearly duplicated-- its Total Security solution as Netgear Armor on my new router. In order to get complete protection on my network, I must purchase a Netgear Armor subscription which *pretty much* negates the need for total Security 2020l a duplication that was not explained well when I renewed my BD Total Security subscription for 2 years.


I say "nearly" duplicates because the Netgear Armor solution also strips out the parental controls that I depended on in my original BD subscription. So, I have now paid for two subscriptions, yet can't use either solution to arrive that the complete feature sets I want on my router and family devices.  I realize Netgear wants to sell me other parental control solutions on their routers, but I think Netgear and BD have an obligation to better explain the redundancy of costs, as well as the feature sets that will be stripped when using the Armor solution.  Anyone else having this problem?  Or better yet, a workaround?  TIA!

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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