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GS116Ev2 / GS108Ev3 losing management IP if dhcp server is not reachable after 2 hour renewal period

There seems to be a bug within the dhcp client of  GS116Ev2 (Firmware Version and GS108Ev3 (Firmware Version 2.06.14). If the switch is configured to get its management IP address from a local dhcp-server and this server is (for some reason) not available after the renew cycle of 2 hours (probably hard coded) , the dhcp client in the switch stops trying to get a new lease leading the switch in an unmanagable state. I observed this behavior with two GS116Ev2 and two GS108Ev3 several times when our dhcp server was down for maintenance during the renewal attempt .

Obviously the build in dhcp client has got a fixed interval of 2 hours trying to renew the IP address for the management interface, because the given default-lease-time of the dhcp-server is simply ignored (I tried several settings). If the dhcp-server is not reachable the dhcp client in the switch seems to die instead of trying to discover a new lease. Since the Switch Management Mode is set to Web browser only since second last firmware version there is no chance to get the management IP back until the power plug is pulled once.


Intended behaviour:

If the build in dhcp client does not get a lease from the dhcp-sever the client should keep on trying until it succeeds.


How to reproduce:

Configure one of the named switches as dhcp client. Shutdown the dhcp-server for more than 2 hours. After 2hours + x the management IP of the switch is no longer reachable. Only pulling the power plug brings the interface back.


Can anybody confirm this behaviour and drop a note to the developers?



Model: GS116Ev2|ProSafe Plus 16 ports gigabits switch
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