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RAX20 - keyword based website blocking is not working

I am trying to block websites using keywords. I entered the website keywords in "Advanced>Security>Block Sites" section of the router configuration. But it is not working!


I came across many similar posts on the Netgear community forum, and the accepted solution seems to be that "a router (Netgear or not) cannot block websites that use HTTPS protocol, since the website URL is encrypted". But this is wrong! The packet header (which contains the destination URL) is not encrypted, but only its content. Because if it were encrypted, there would be no way for the upstream routers to identify (i.e. read) the packets' destination, and route it accordingly.


So, It should be possible for the router to identify the destination address and accordingly block it. In fact, my old Tenda router had a similar feature called "URL filtering" and it worked regardless of the protocol.


So, I want to know what should be done to block websites on a Netgear router?


PS: I don't want to install any "Parental Control" software on any of my devices, since the router should block the sites.

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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