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Orbi CBR750 significant slow down

CBR750 — Orbi WiFi 6 DOCSIS 3.1 Mesh WiFi Cable Modem Router

Firmware version V4.6.3.6
App version

In last two days, my Download speed dropped from between 1200-1400 to 500-600. Had this model since March 2021 and first time a download speed drop has persisted more than a few hours. Tried calling support and they provided basic advice and had me change a couple settings and said everything else looked okay and to give it 24 hours. The drop seems to have started happening right after I installed the last firmware update. I called ISP (xfinity) and they said everything is fine on their end and they are sending 1g speeds. I paid $1k for the modem router combo plus two satellites and netgear tech on the phone says I need to pay a subscription if I need advanced help. I am so disappointed. Has anyone else experienced a slow down after latest firmware update?
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