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Orbi RBK852 broken, WiFi drops every 15 seconds, autoupdate can't be stopped


I write this in a very distressed and disgusted, appalled state that a company like Netgear thinks releasing a firmware update that wrecks your home internet is acceptable. Today everything from home security to appliances, to lighting, it's all f**ked. 


This firmware that I wish I never clicked on has resulted in WiFi connection dropping to EVERY device, Samsung, Apple, LG TV, Hue etc every 15 or thereabouts seconds. 


I have had to downgrade to to make this work. And work it did few a few days. I had to edit the web page code to allow the YES button to appear to downgrade because Netgear in their infinite wisdom has hidden that. ABSOLUTELY WOW. 


Now the Orbi insists on forcing the update on me! I come back an hour later and the router has been updated to the broken latest!! UNREAL. 


So, I thought of enabling Telnet so that I could set the auto pudate to OFF and you guessed it, Netgear have disabled Telnet on my AX orbi! This company is absolutely UNREAL in their IDIOCY. 


All I was doing was minding my own business in MY HOME and this company, Netegar, reached into MY HOME and messed it all up.


Within 5 minutes of downgrading to 3.X the router has FORCED the upgrade to 


There's more. I blocked *.netgear.com to block this forced firmware update - the satellite stops working as it is clearing doing some communicating back to netgear.com!!! YOU JUST CAN'T MAKE THIS SH*T UIP.

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